The chalet host of the Almdorf “Seinerzeit”

A rustic hut feeling with 5-star service

Service Hours:

Monday – Saturday

13:00 – 20:30Uhr

(last order 7:30 PM)

The classic traditional hut dishes are delivered directly to your hut on request.

Our gourmet chef prepares Carinthian and Austrian specialties for you and our host brings only the best to your chalet. In this way, Almdorf combines pleasure with sustainability, for a life in harmony with nature.

Chalet’s menu


  • Healthy Grains
    10,50 €

    Quinoa, Peppers, Red Raddish, Roquet salad, Cocktail Tomatoes

  • The Colorfull
    9,50 €

    Mixed Gardensalad, Cocktail Tomatos, Red Raddish

  • Fried Chicken Salad Almdorf
    13,50 €

    Potato-Lamb lettuce salad, Springonions, deep fried chicken or Chickenfingers

  • Opposites attract
    14,50 €

    Sheep cheese, Farmer Bacon, mixed Lettuce , Cocktail-Tomatos

  • Pumpkinseedoil /Mustard-Roquetleaf
  • Balsamico /Pámore Cheese
  • Yoghurt/ Vinegar-oil

Farmer Breads

  • Farmerbutter, Bacon, Cheese, pickeld cucumbers
    8,50 €
  • Farmerbutter, Mountain cheese, Chives
    7,50 €
  • Farmerbutter, Chives, Salt
    5,50 €
  • Farmerbutter, Red Raddish, Chives, Salt
    6,50 €

Traditional Carinthian Dishes

  • Carinthian “Brettljause” small / big
    11,50 € / 19,50 €

    Carinthian snack with delicacies from: Farm from the region

  • Bünderfleisch (dried Beef ham ) & Osso Collo from Carinthian farmers
    15,50 €

    Sour vinegar vegetables, olive tapenade, farmers butter, farmer bread selection

  • Carinthian Cheese platter small / big
    11,50 € / 15,50 €

    Fig mustard, farmers butter, farmer bread selection

  • Pamore Cheese curds
    15,50 €

    with basil pesto, olive oil, olives, Pine nuts, arugula, bread selection


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  • Seinerzeit Soup pot
    15,50 €

    Strong Beefsoup with Mushroom quernels, Curd-Bacon croutons, liver dumpling Austrian Style, Vegetables

  • Cauliflower cream with Farmes Bread croutons
    12,50 €
  • Beef-or Chickensoup with a choice of
    6,50 € / 7,50 € / 8,50 €

    Semolina dumplings, Pan cake stripes or  Liver dumplings, Cheese dumplings, 


  • Carintian stuffed Cheesenoodles
    14,50 €

    Brown Butter, Mint-Pesto, crispy Onions, mixed Lettuce

  • “Fried Chicken – At that time”
    20,50 €

    Half Chicken Poulard in Pumkin seeds breaded and deep fried with Potato- Cucumbersalad, pickeld Onions and Sauce Tatare

  • Onion Roast Beef from “Nockberge Weiderind”
    25,50 €

    with fried potatoes and cucumber relish

  • Carinthian Mountain Cheese Gordon Bleu
    17,50 €

    Mountain-Cheese-Bacon filling, lettuce, cranberries

  • Wiener Schnitzel of Veal
    20,50 €

    Potato-Lamb lettuce salad or French Fries, cranberries

  • Fellacher mountain cheese spaetzle
    15,50 €

    Leaf lettuce and crispy leek

  • Polenta slice
    13,50 €

    gratinated with P’amore cheese on tomato ragout

Sweets “At that time”

  • Austrias Strudel Selection
    9,50 €

    Curd cheese and apple strudel with vanilla whipped cream

  • Grandmothers poppy seed-potatoe noodles
    10,50 €

    Caramalized with Applemus

  • Kaiserschmarren
    9,50 €

    Plum compote, Rum raisins

  • Fried Pancakes
    6,50 € / 7,50 € / 10,50 €

     apricot jam / Poppy seeds-Butter / Vanilla mascarpone with eggnog

  • Cake of the day or Strudel variation
    7,50 €

    after Grannys recipe

Almdorf Seasonal Specials

Winter | Hut Fondue

  • A Cozy get-together, enjoying good food, rounded off by the special charm.

  • Beef or Chickenstock
    48,50 €
    per Person

    90g Beef tenderloin, 90g Pork tenderloin, 90g Chickenbreast,
    50g Chicken Liver
    180g mixed Seassional Vegetables, 100g Potatoes
    Variation of fresh baked Baguettes
    3 kind of Sauces

  • Almdorf-Cheese fondue
    45,50 €
    per Person

    100g Osso Collo, 100g Bündnerfleisch (dried Beef ham)
    180g mixed Seassional Vegetables, 100g Potatoes
    Variation of fresh baked Baguettes
    Pickeld Vegetables
    3 kind of Sauces

  • The Vegetarian Fondue
    37,50 €
    per Person

    150g smoked Tofu, 100g Plant based fish
    180g mixed Seassional Vegetables, 100g Potatoes
    100g Mozzarella balls
    Pickeld Vegetables
    3 kind of Sauces

Summer | HUT BBQ

  • Enjoy the summer on your terrace and be your own barbecue master.

  • The Classic
    45,50 €
    per Person

    1x 100g Minute-steak (Beef), 1x 150g Pork chop, 1x Berner Sausage, Grill Vegetables (Corn, Zucchini, Peppers ), 4xSauce(Cocktail, Garlic, Herb, Chili), 1x Herb or Garlic Baguette, Herb Butter or Garlic Butter

  • The Elder
    89,50 €
    per Person

    1x 150g Austrian Beeftenderloin, 1x 100g Fjord Salmon, 1x Wagyu-Beefsausage, 1x Foil Camembert with Herbs, 4x Sauce ((Cocktail, Garlic, Hers, Curry), 1x Oven-Foil potatoes & Grill Corn, Herb-and Garlicbutter

  • BBQ “At that time”
    65 €
    per Person

    200g Spicy marinated Spareribs, 1xwith herbs graved Cornpoulard Breast, 1x Cheese Sausage, 1x with Bacon wrapped Goatcheese, Grill Vegetables and Ovenpotatoes, 3x Sauces (Yoghurt-Garlic, Herbcurd , Bluecheese ), Garlic Blackbread, Potato-Cucumber-Lamb lettuce Salad

  • Big Sisters and Brothers
    190 €
    for 2 Persons

    1x ca 600g Tomahawk, 1x ca. 200g Rainbow Trout wrapped in Alufoil, 4x Sauces (Cocktail, Knoblauch, Kräuter, Curry), Colored Gardensalad with Balsamico Vinaigrette, Grill -Vegetables, Herb-or Garlicbutter, 1x Herb-or Garlic- Baguette

Vorderkoflach 36
A-9564 Patergassen
+43 4275 7201


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