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Alm Spa

The power of nature

Fountain of youth and energy source

At 1,400 m above sea level, in the middle of the Carinthian Alps, the Almdorf Seinerzeit embodies an experience of a, particularly healing kind. At this altitude, oxygen transport is improved by new blood formation. The fresh blood cells release oxygen to the tissue in an optimal way and the body experiences a noticeable strengthening as cell renewal is faster – the Alm is a fountain of youth.

In Almdorf the elements work in their original way and activate hidden resources. The Almdorf is embedded in the UNESCO Biosphere Park Nockberge. On two sunny, slightly offset Nockberge plateaus, it feels like an old village, but also like a modern luxury hotel.

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Vorderkoflach 36
A-9564 Patergassen
+43 4275 7201


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