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Peace experience

Breathtaking nature, awarded by UNESCO

Where, if not here to enjoy peace? Take a short break for yourself. The colorful nature, the idyllic surroundings. Be in harmony with nature, let your soul dangle. Snuggle up in the Swiss stone pine bed, be awakened by the first rays of the sun, and enjoy the day. Perhaps, a massage, a bath in the outdoor hot tub and enjoy for lunch, the sweet pancake with raisins “Kaiserschmarrn”. This could be your holiday in the Almdorf Seinerzeit.

Time to be


Literature without end

Finally have time to read again – how long did you look forward to it? Cuddled up on the stove bench, in the wing chair, or rather in the deck chair on the terrace and a good book. Did you know that we have a little treasure for literature lovers in the Almdorf Seinerzeit? Over 2,000 books are distributed in the cottages and chalets. So, everyone will surely find their favorite story.


Parlour games

Whether as a couple or with family and friends. Let’s be honest – when was the last time you played “Ludo” or “Activity”? You can borrow these and other games from the reception and try them out with your loved ones during a game afternoon or evening. Playing connects generations, promotes communication skills, self-confidence and is fun for all.



Finally, take a walk, or take a snowshoe hike on the alpine pastures. Alone or in pairs, feel the crunching snow in winter, and summer the birds chirp. No traffic noise, no traffic lights. Losing track of time and being back when it gets dark.

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