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Nock Mountains Biosphere Reserve

Breathtaking nature, awarded by UNESCO

Alpine hike with marmot, deer and the capercaillie

The Nock Mountains Biosphere Reserve encompasses both natural and cultural landscapes. Here people live in harmony with nature. On a hike through the park, visitors can look forward to encounters with cute marmots, shy deer or the majestic capercaillie. There is also a wide range of leisure activities, starting from guided ranger tours to magical Carinthian alpine moments.

Summit tour to the peak of Falkert

This is our “local mountain tour” – a wonderful hike over the alpine pastures of the Falkert. The hike starts at the crystal-clear lake Falkert – then continues via the “Sunday valley” directly to the summit. And when you finally reach the top, you will be rewarded with a snack and a unique view of the Gurktaler Alps and the Biosphere Reserve.

Requirement: sure-footedness.

Description: Easy hiking trail with a walking time of approx. 2.5 hours.

Vorderkoflach 36
A-9564 Patergassen
+43 4275 7201