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The lumberjack cottage

The smallest restaurant in the world

Due to the current booking situation, no new reservations are being accepted at the moment.

The culinary highlight, in the truest sense of the word – the lumberjack cottage in the Almdorf Seinerzeit. It exceeds all expectations – in terms of coziness, spectacular views, and warmth.

While the chef prepares a traditional Carinthian menu of several courses over an open fire, your gaze wanders through the panorama window into the valley. Fine wines round off the experience.

For two to a maximum of two people. Reservation is necessary before your arrival.

The history of the smallest restaurant in the world

The forest workers – in Carinthia mainly the lumberjacks – were in the forest for the whole week until not so long ago. Until the middle of the last century, the long distances to remote workplaces had to be covered on foot. They only made this trip once a week. Therefore, they needed a place to cook and sleep on site. These were the simple lumberjack huts. Built from tree barks, they offered protection from wind and weather. The food, which could only be prepared over an open fire, was simple, hearty, and good.

Be delighted by a deliciously romantic dinner highlight. The hut with panoramic windows offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountain landscape.

It only offers space for you and the private chef. He will create an exclusive multi-course menu for you.

The lumberjack hut is unique. If you have not yet dined there, it is recommened to make a reservation at the reception as soon as possible.

Cancellation information: Cancellation must be notified at least 24 hours in advance at the reception. Late or not canceled reservations will be charged 90% of the total amount.


Allergies or intolerances must be announced in advance.

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