Regional, Seasonal & Organic

“Bei uns wird kocht, wos bei uns wochst und aufwochst”. (We cook what grows and is cultivated here.)

The Almdorf Seinerzeit’s restaurants & our chalet host

Our body works as well as it is nourished.

The incredible quality of the food you can enjoy here comes fresh from the regional nature. Wherever possible, we use organic and local products. And you can taste that. The meat, for example, is mainly sourced from the Nockberge region, where every cow has its own pasture. Our gourmet chef prepares Carinthian and Austrian specialities for you, and our hut landlord brings only the best directly to your hut. In this way, Almdorf combines enjoyment with sustainability, for a life in harmony with nature.

Vorderkoflach 36
A-9564 Patergassen
+43 4275 7201


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