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Maiwipfel Honey

Our own recipe

Would you like to try our Maiwipfel honey?


500 g  Pine Tops

1000 g Cane sugar

500 g Forest honey

a large mason jar
a sieve/p>

The May Whips are the spring heralds of the coniferous trees. In spring, when the coniferous trees sprout freshly and bear shining bright green tips, then the Maiwipfel honey is cooked here. This is because May tops contain numerous healing substances and are thus the basis of many natural remedies. The harvesting time of the May tops is short with three to four weeks in the period from April to May. In addition to fir, the tops of the spruce can also be used.


In a large canning jar, alternate layers of fir tops and sugar. The top layers should be just under twice as high as the sugar layers. Always finish with a layer of cane sugar. Then close the jar tightly and place it on a windowsill in the sunlight.

After about 2 weeks, the tops will turn brown, and the syrup will settle. Strain the entire mass through a fine sieve and collect the syrup. Mix it with the forest honey and fill it into small jars. The finished honey is best stored in a cool and dark place.

Best enjoyed pure or used to sweeten tea!

Good luck!

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